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Last updated January 14, 2015

Richard Rew

Richard is an electrical engineer, science junkie, bird watcher, astronomy buff, electric car enthusiast, and author, who enjoys impromptu teaching of simple hands-on-science experiments to youngsters, and the young at heart.

Because of his long list of affiliations with science organizations, Richard has attracted the participation of many TTWalks hosts on topics of nature and science.

He recommends the following fascinating experimental science websites:





Fran Rew

My favorite  memories throughout my life are the walks I’ve enjoyed alone and with others in open space and parks.   Since my husband Richard and I co-founded Topic-Talk Walks (TTWalks) in 2008, my favorite memories now include a wide variety of

wonderful learning adventures in walking conversations on the topics of orienteering, forestry, health, improv comedy, herbs, gardening, astronomy, aerodynamics, mentoring, etc.   I have been particularly excited and grateful for the opportunity to share and celebrate TTWalks’ favorite examples of their umbrella topic category of an Economics of Compassion.

Thank you TTWalks members and hosts for continuing to create and share these favorite urban park walking conversations.   I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer support members in the creation of your own TTWalk events.

--  Fran Rew,


Is there a 2015 walk you’d love to share with other people who could enjoy the same park, topic (or open topic) and schedule in the Denver metro area?  Go to to become a free member of TTWalks.  If you’d like some free training on how to post and host, give Fran a call using the contact info below.


This page shows just a small sample of the many hosts who have volunteered to share their favorite topics in a TTWalks’ walking conversation.

If you and/or your group would like to host a walking conversation, call or email Fran Rew at (303) 321-1064,

“80% of success is just showing up.”

-- Woody Allen

Winston Walker

In 2010, Winston founded the Meetup group Beckwourth Doers.  This marvelous group, which is open to all ages, is all about people coming together in the spirit of great USA outdoor organizations such as the Journey Outdoors, Outdoor Afro, Beckwourth Outdoors (aka, James P. Beckwourth Mountain Club), Colorado Mountain Club, Mazamas, Frisco Adventures, Sliders & Sliders, etc., to enjoy the Colorado outdoors. Winston asked his members, “Do you snow shoe, hike, camp, bike ride then come on out?” 

In 2013, TTWalks’ co-organizer Fran Rew was so very honored when Winston accepted her invitation for him to become an active TTWalks Assistant Organizer, collaboratively sharing his adventurous and delightful Beckwourth Doers’ events on the TTWalks calendar. 

Additionally, Founder & Chief Dream Strategist, Nicole Huguenin, is committed to walking with a new person each day in 2015.  If you’d like to joiin a Dream Walk or be part of the 365 Project, connect with the community at

In 2014, TTWalks’ was invited to share their first Wild Dream Walks event with Nicole.  What a thrill!  Fran Rew believes Nicole’s design of a walking conversation format is one of the most individually empowering examples of peripatetic learning/teaching.  Nicole’s unique natural and educated walking conversation skill is rare and wonderful.  We are so grateful to Nicole for sharing some of her Wild Dream Walks on our TTWalks‘ calendar.    

Wild Dream Walks uses walking as a tool to connect community and lead people down the path of what matters to them most.

Each walk engages you in the practice of wonder, curiosity, imagination, connection, interdependence and inner transformation.   

The year 2014, TTW Frog joined TTWalks as our mascot.  He comes along for every walk that is attended by Fran and/or Richard (his transportation).

TTW Frog and TTWalks lost a wonderful friend and Assistant Organizer in 2014 - Curt Carlson.  In gratitude for Curt’s long friendship with TTWalks, we’ve created a photo album on Meetup and Facebook in his honor. 

TTW Frog, like his distant cousin Kermit the Frog, continues to live on through the imagination of each TTWalker past and present through his ongoing photo-cartoon story on Facebook (#TTWFrog) in search of a frog’s definition of an Economics of Compassion.